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iOS 6 connection problems to netgear WGT624 solution

A client had a problem with her iPad today. She had just installed iOS 6 and now couldn’t connect to her Netgear WGT624v3 I discovered that there is a bug in IOS 6 which prevents connection You can solve it … Continue reading

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Mark one online network backup of Raspberry Pi

Ok, heres how I’m doing it I have an FTP Server on the network address On the Raspberry Pi I installed curlftpfs which will enable me to connect to the ftp server apt-get install curlftpfs Now I need to … Continue reading

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FSP Nano 800VA UPS, mini review

Well I needed a cheap UPS, my load requirements are low, approx 65 watts 2 x Raspberry Pi                            8w Synology Diskstation 410j (4x2TB)  39w Netgear DGN3500 router                10w Netgear Gigabit switch                    8w I bought the FSP Nano 800VA UPS from … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Raspberry Pi mkII

its been a fine 10 months since the first Raspberry Pi’s trickled into our eager hands all expectations met, some exceded I have used mine mainly for web servers and email servers, and basically messing around (i have 4) but … Continue reading

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Powering The Raspberry Pi via the GPIO pins

its easy to power via the GPIO BUT it bypasses the normal dc protection so a good regulated psu is required and you have to be careful, but so far so good here. it would be nice to have POE … Continue reading

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After struggling with low web server performance on this Raspberry Pi (running rasbian)I finally decided to change things, not an enticing prospect… Its been running apache2, php5 and mysql(i) For various reasons apache2 isn’t ideal in low memory situations, especially … Continue reading

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