Thoughts on Raspberry Pi mkII

its been a fine 10 months since the first Raspberry Pi’s trickled into our eager hands

all expectations met, some exceded

I have used mine mainly for web servers and email servers, and basically messing around (i have 4)

but nothings perfect, there already has been a .1 upgrade to the ram, it went from 256 to 512 mb a couple of months ago, darned useful if you’re running apache2 with php5 and mysql like me. upgrade gratefully accepted

but there where a few hiccups along the way

1. its too sensitive to power drain from the usb port, regardless of the power supply you can easily drop the board voltage too low and the thing reboots, a problem with running wireless dongles. and reliability with powered usb hubs is poor, all too many power issues. its dead stable if theres nothing plugged into the usb port like my headless servers but problems arrise with power once the usb ports are used

2. the capacitor next to the power plug snaps off too easily, one of mine was delivered in this state, luckily it runs fine without.

3.the port arrangement is tricky, i know they had to fit a lot onto the board but at the moment wires head off in all directions making enclosure design hopeless so far, and the sd card sticks out too making a fully enclosed box tricky to design

4. sd card corruption, its happened a few times and its a nightmare forcing me to use dd every day on this server to create a whole disk backup, at least i can do it online

5. and lets have either pwer over ethernet or a sensible sturdy power connector, i don’r see any advantage to using usb at all

i’m sure i’ll think of more before the next version arrives


in the meantime, have as much fun with the Pi as i have


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