FSP Nano 800VA UPS, mini review

Well I needed a cheap UPS, my load requirements are low, approx 65 watts

2 x Raspberry Pi                            8w

Synology Diskstation 410j (4x2TB)  39w

Netgear DGN3500 router                10w

Netgear Gigabit switch                    8w

I bought the FSP Nano 800VA UPS from Scan.uk (my preferred supplier of tech) it cost £51.36, not bad

After considering a home made UPS, and pricing up what I would have to purchase, one from Scan was cheaper (and probably safer).

I have no idea of FSP’s reputation as a manufacturer, but they are big. Power supplies manufactured by FSP are sold by Antec, Sparkle Power International (SPI),OCZ, SilverStone Technology, Thermaltake, Nexus and Zalman under their own names. They are based in Taiwan

So they have the experience

With little expectations I unpacked it from the obligatory cardboard and polystyrene, a compact box, and overall, a compact unit.

It has a sealed lead acid battery, supposedly replaceable, one switch, two LEDs, and 2 standard UK 3 pin sockets. simple all plastic enclosure, boring and quite small for a UPS which is good.

There is no setup, just plug and play. After 8hrs initial charge I did the first disconnect test…  a seamless switch over to battery/inverter accompanied by a single loud beep every ten seconds which could be heard throughout the house. There was an audible buzz from the inverter circuit while running off battery, but nothing too loud.

Assuming that there was full charge at the beginning of my test (there is no status display) with a load of 65 watts it sat there beeping annoyingly loud for 51 minutes.

Pretty much as expected. The rate of beeps doubled at 51 minutes which I assumed was the low battery warning, so the power was reconnected which happens seamlessly with a distinct relay click

The NAS, router and Pis had no problems throughout the test

So there you go, its been running for a few days now, and hopefully will blend into the background for a coupe of years before it needs attention

So far I would definitely recommend it with the caveat that I have little experience of its reliability


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3 Responses to FSP Nano 800VA UPS, mini review

  1. hi,
    maybe silly question, but bought a similar unit yesterday, and because of the lack of a charging indicator, i’m now not sure, i should make the 1st charge with the ups switched on (without connecting any devices to it), or just simply plug it in an outlet..

  2. adream608 says:

    You can plug your equipment into the UPS while charging it no problems.

    Yes it’s a shame that there is no charge indicator, I would assume from completely discharged the unit will take about 12 hours to charge, regardless of the load you have connected to the output

    So yes, just plug it all in forget about it

    Thanks for the comment


  3. ok. thx for the reply. 🙂

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